A new arrival on the way!

IMG_0359 (Copy) IMG_1371 (Copy)Karinnah our 21 year old mare, that I have had since I was 10 is pregnant with her 2nd foal. We just found out, all this time we thought she was just well fed.

We are currently building a shelter for her and the baby. We got milk supplements also. Our vet Dr. Orfil came out and confirmed she has 2-3 weeks before she foals. He said Karinnah should be fine, but he is a little worried with her age she won’t produce enough milk.

IMG_0476 (Copy)We have decided to name the little foal “Secreto” (pronounced “Se cret o”) which means “Secret in Spanish” Since she kept it a secret all the way until now. It happened by mistake that I had seen the foal kicking just a few days before the vet came out to confirm that she is in position and getting ready.

We will be posting updates as things move along for Karinnah and her little one!



An unusual request fulfilled!

IMG_5663 IMG_5624June had messaged us about a month prior to her son Derek & his 4 friends coming to Ensenada on a cruise. At first she thought they may want to go horseback riding, then after some time and discussion the boys decided they didn’t want to go horseback riding after all and wondered if they could hire us to take them to Las Canadas so they could go zip lining.

After that, they either wanted to go to La Bufadora or the local beach for some fun. They opted IMG_5732for the beach after we stopped by for some local fish tacos.

They got all this and got to experience something that no one else gets to experience while visiting Ensenada for a lot less then the local taxis drivers charge to take you to Las canadas, 50.00 per person.

If you don’t want to go horseback riding but would rather have a personal tour, feel free to IMG_5759contact us. Maybe you want both! Either way we might be able to help you! Space is limited, so book soon!




Our new girl “Sahara”

IMG_5311Thank you to Dawn & Tina Jo Stephens from Tina Jo’s promise ( http://tinajospromise.org) for the referral of this beautiful girl. Sahara was up for sale because the owners couldn’t afford to buy food and with no rain in Ensenada putting her out to graze was limited.

Instead of her starving they were desperate to find her a good home. She is 3 years old and believed to be quarter horse/ Andalusian. She is very well trained and is a wonderful addition to IMG_5406our family.

Sahara got her name because of her colors and the name of our company.

Sahara was immediately started on a weekly dose of vitamins for the next 5 weeks, will be wormed and get additional training her at Desert Trails. She is trained to ride with a hackamore and we are hoping to get her switched to a bit.

The boys who we bought her from were sad to see her go. It was a big deal to the whole neighborhood; everyone came out to say their goodbyes. The kids loved her and she loved them. They are welcome to come out and see their girl at any time. We appreciate them finding her such a great home with us!



Fun for the whole family!!!

IMG_2720Are you looking for a great vacation getaway you can do with the whole family? Are you taking aDSC01260 cruise or driving down to Ensenada Mexico?

We are a small riding company located in Ensenada. If you haven’t had a chance to come riding with us, you are missing a lot of fun and great experience! No matter what your riding level is we have horses for everyone. Come out and get treated like a long lifetime friend or family.

Come check us out for a ride, a bbq if you want, drinks, all kinds of fun. If you don’t’ want to follow the herd and be rushed check out our other options of tours to La Bufadora or Las Canadas, we offer those also for you. . Fun for all ages. We have had children as young as 1 year old ride with a parent ,(3 yrs old solo), up the mountains. Our oldest client was 90 yrs old (solo) riding up the mountain.

IMG_3390We take great pride in keeping our prices low and keeping things personable between clients. DSC01764


Anad & his family

IMG_1543Thank you Anad for a wonderful day spent with you and your awesome family! It was a pleasure meeting all IMG_1544of you. We had a wonderful time horseback riding and  going to La Bufadora. We hope you enjoyed the pictures of your trip. Thank you for your kind words on Trip Advisor!IMG_1481


Meeting new friends on the boat!

IMG_1393Albert & his wife emailed for a horseback ride and since we had room for more, Vincent and his IMG_1382sister Victoria (also from the Princess cruises) wanted to go riding. We asked if they minded riding together. It was a blast and fun to get to meet new friends from the boat. You never know who you will meet on the same trip with common interests!IMG_1383IMG_1361


First time rider? no problem

IMG_1967Angel and her husband  had ridden before but her kids had not…. They felt like pros on our horses! IMG_1948They can’t wait to come back again for another ride! We had a wonderful time with this polite family… We’re so happy they got to do a once in a lifetime experience of riding in the back of a truck through Ensenada and go riding in in hills over looking the bay! Can’t wait to see you all on a return trip!

We will keep in touch about the physical therapy on horses for all those wonderful children out there! Best wishes, Glenn, Chrystal and LizIMG_1908


A special thank you to Jennifer and Tyler

IMG_2088Thank you Jennifer and Tyler for coming out for a ride. People like you make a difference! Thank IMG_2047you for showing up without a deposit. We really appreciate it! We hope you enjoyed the ride and glad it was a better riding experience for you than your last ride.  Tyler glad you got a little trot in there on the trail. We hope you both enjoyed the beach after your ride. Best wishes, Glenn, Chrystal and Liz


Las Canadas, bbq, trail ride who could ask for more!

IMG_2163Air and her family came out for a bbq and trail ride after visiting Las Canadas. They said they had a blast there! We have yet to go but will hopefully make the trip sometime soon. We had so much fun IMG_2180with you all. Air you had a very nice family. We’re sorry your schedule didn’t allow for a longer ride as planned. We hope you enjoy the pictures of your ride and when you get home please email us your address and we will send some salsa to you from Ensenada. By the way. you guys hold the record for the most females on a ride! Best wishes friends, Glenn, Chrystal and LizIMG_2095


Rosarito, horseback ride & out to La Bufadora

IMG_1782Thank you Jeanne and Bailey for making a stop to see us and go horseback riding! We had so much fun we didn’t want to give up riding! Thank you for exploring new hills with me! It was a blast! You guys were awesome!  We IMG_1770hope to see you again sometime.

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