La Bufadora, Horseback riding, the cows coming home.

If you are looking for some good family fun, we offer a wide variety of tours and fun in the sun. Not all about horseback riding. Don’t want to go riding, no problem. Check out our other tour options, do 1 or do them all. We offer tours to La Bufadora and Las Canadas. We offer tours, cheaper than the taxi’s, buses or uber.

If you are looking for something special, let us know, we might be able to help you. We will be adding so many more tours… Let us know what you are looking for. We are here to help be your personal tour guide at a fraction of the price.

Thank you to Nicole and her family for a wonderful day, Lots of fun, La Bufadora, Horseback riding in the rain, visiting the new baby… and literally the cows coming home…. jajajjaja…..

If you are looking for a none rushed vacation look us up. We are cheaper than the local taxis, uber and buses…. Fun for the whole family without the rush…..



Opal’s new baby

We have been quite busy with all the gorgeous weather we have had. We went on a trail ride and the next day Opal had this beautiful baby boy. Born March 20th around 630 in the morning. Stunning grey eyes.

Looking for something fun and safe for the whole family? Come out and meet our newest member. We will personally pick you up and take you out to the ranch or any other tour you request. We are with you the whole time for a fun filled experience.

Loving little baby so friendly, If you are taking a cruise through Carnival or another cruise line, make sure and look us up so you can come out for a trail ride and meet our newest addition to Desert Trails.


Come out and see the wild flowers

With all the rain we have had and the time of year, the flowers are blooming everywhere. We had an amazing ride through the hills of Ensenada. So full of life and colors. Spring is here!!!

Whether you only have the day on a cruise or are staying for the weekend. Come out and join us for a mountain ride over looking our beautiful cities of Ensenada, El Sazul, Todo Santos island.

We have the perfect package for you, from horseback riding, picnicking up in the hills, zip lining, La Bufadora.

Even little Regalo wanted to come with us for this ride, while mom stayed at the ranch.


Not all about horseback riding

Looking for a non tourist way of traveling. Something more laid back. not in a hurry? You have come to the right place. Something a little less expensive?

Whether you are here for the day on a cruise or the weekend, we have something for the whole family. We are not only about horseback riding. We offer trips to La Canadas for your fun. A choice to ride in the back of a pickup truck through the streets of Ensenada. A great fun way to get around and experience the everyday life of the local people down here.

If you want just a trip to Las Canadas or to go horseback riding and Las Canadas you have reached the right place. We can do both for you!!

Las Canadas is also known as the Zip lining tour. It is a lot of fun and well worth your buck. We offer to be your personal guide  out the the zip line, get to see sights and stop by different places on the way, if requested.   This is also known as the canopy tour. Tour takes about 2.5-3 hours. Driving time included. please keep in mind this is their prices not ours, we just offer to take you there and back. Without the feeling of having to be rushed.

Stop and have lunch on the way there at some of the best local taco stands, a place where they make their own cheeses.




Picnicking on Horseback

Who is up for some more adventures? Are you taking a cruise to Ensenada? Want to see something and experience something most people do not?

How picnicking on horseback. Choices of Sack lunches, Ensenada samplers, our 2 beer/soda specials. Ride up into the hills overlooking the ocean and the city of Ensenada. ½ way through your ride, stop and enjoy a picnic style lunch of your picking. While we enjoy lunch, the horses get to graze and relax. What  better way to spend an afternoon in Ensenada!!!! Enjoy breath taking views of Todo Santos Island, El Sazual and surrounding mountains.


B&B new @ Desert Trails

Looking for a relaxing getaway in Ensenada? You have come to the right place. Now open….. Whether you want to go horseback riding or just come for a quiet time come check us out.

Amazing views of the ocean, Todo Santos island, overlooking Ensenada.

We can sleep up to 8 guests. 7 beds. 2 bedrooms. 1.5 bathrooms Full access to kitchen, living room, bathroom, front and back patios, plenty of parking.

Whether you are taking a cruise or driving in, we can accommodate you. Go for a relaxing ride with beautiful weather and enjoy an authentic Mexican meal afterward your ride.

Fun for the whole family and of all ages welcome!  check out the link for more information.


Hello from Desert Trails

IMG_3233 (Copy)Hello and good morning to all my fellow horse and animal lovers,

Glenn and I hope you’re not only doing well, but that you’re FABULOUS! Everything is wonderful down here with Desert Trails, in fact we’re EXPANDING! So we decided it was time to write you a quick note to tell you we’ve been up to.

We’re currently in the process of building a house and moving to another location! A total of 6.5 acres for us and our beloved animals is what awaits you and your next adventure to Mexico! There will be plenty of shade, a barn, a garden and lots of room to run and play with different activities!
Our expected move date is the first of December; the new location is just 30 minutes from port and the drive is incredibly beautiful and IMG_3256 (Copy)relaxing.
Our trail rides will now include breathtaking mountain and ocean views. Along with a cleaner, less dusty experience, you’ll also have the joy of riding in some of the most beautiful mountainside I’ve yet to experience. And of course, you’ll have complete access to our fabulous animals to love on all day long.
Glenn and I are also going to open a small B&B, in hopes that you may want to stay for a night or two, go horseback riding exploring the mountain side, take in the majestic views and enjoy a mini vacation in our new amazing location. We’ll also have a campground area to enjoy, if you’d like to take in the great outdoors, you now can!

We will be setting up and volunteering with disadvantaged children in our area. It has been a lifelong dream of ours to help those who are less fortunate than us, if this is something that interests you as well, you can now participate in this rewarding experience.

Something that Glenn and I are most thankful for is our ability to help others and that always extends to the animal world as well.
With the expansion of Desert Trails, come the expansion of our herd and the rescue of several horses that have been abused or sold for meat. These amazing animals will now be a part of our beloved IMG_3283 (Copy)family; we can hardly wait to introduce you to them!

As you can read there has been a lot going on and I feel truly blessed to finally be in the health I’m in, to fully participate in my life! You may or may not be aware, but for years I’ve suffered with chronic pain and a debilitating illness. I’ve been overweight, sick and really tired for years! But, I’m thrilled to report that I’m looking great, have the energy I did in my 20’s, I’m down 25 lbs. AND I have NO PAIN anywhere! I feel it’s a true miracle and I owe it all to an organic cleanse! How crazy wonderful is that! If you’d like more information on what I did, just drop me a line and I’d be happy to share it with you.

On a final note, our website is also getting a makeover! It will now be super easy for you to book your rides, tours, food items, get our updates and see all the new happening at Desert Trails.

Glenn and I are looking forward to seeing you soon and showing you around our new surroundings. Please, keep in touch with us on facebook, twitter and pintrest! We post lots of fabulous photos and we’ll be keeping you posted on all our happenings!

Much love to you,
Chrystal and Glenn Co-Owners of Desert Trails      IMG_3253 (Copy)


Come meet the baby! Our newest member “Aquaa”

DSCN3017 (Copy)Come out and meet the baby! Karinnah finally had herDSCN3013 (Copy) little foal. A cute little baby filly. Born @ 630 pm on April 22nd. 2 days after Karinnah turned 22 years old. Aquaa is the sweetest and most voicestress little foal we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She is fearless!

She got her name due to her breeding… Mom Karinnah is Arab/Appaloosa, and dad “Halo” is Quarter horse/Andalusian. Come out and meet our new little baby! What a blessing!

DSCF3226 (Copy)


Getting closer

DSCN1585 (Copy)IMG_8646Karinnah is getting closer to foaling. Her stomach has dropped and is starting to take that famous v shape they get right before foaling. Her hind quarters have also dropped and is getting soft. She is eating more now the last couple days and letting the dogs know to stay away from her food.

I believe we only have a couple weeks left before her “Secret” comes out to meet the world. We cannot wait for this little one! What a blessing, my first horse I raised and trained myself. Great personality, loves children and the baby of our stallion “Halo” who has equal personality.

Cherokee is soon to have a little sister or brother. Of course secretly we’re hoping for a little girl as we had a boy from here all ready. Whatever it turns out to be it’ll be a blessing. My girl is going to be 22 next month and she’s pregnant with her 2nd child. WOW!

Cherokee has his mom's love for children as well. Adam and his daughter when they came for a ride.

Cherokee has his mom’s love for children as well. Adam and his daughter when they came for a ride.out to be will be a little blessing all the same.


DSCN1581 (Copy)


A stall for mama Karinnah & Secreto

DSCF1380Expecting a baby takes a lot of work and patience. It also takes the right facilities to make sure your little one is secure and has a place to rest.

Here in Baja we don’t get much rain, but a lot of sun and sometimes that coast wind.

We decided to put up a shelter, that is very temporaryDSCF1383 as we plan on moving. It is a little smaller than we anticipated but will work for our small girl and her little one.  with a bed of shavings and a cover from the sun and wind.

Slapped together just about literally mama Karinnah seems to be happy with her new house.

We are still waiting for the little one, but all in good time. As we didn’t know she was pregnant until we saw the baby kicking, a little over a month ago now. we don’t know when she was DSCF1375bred. Surprise!

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