Trail riding for elderly, young, inexperienced, and experienced what’s your level?

Linda & Carol on a trail ride!

Linda & Carol on a trail ride!

Our good friend Carol came out and brought another friend with her from Punta Banda. Carol had been out with her 9 year old granddaughter Rachel for 4 lessons. She thought she would give it a go herself. I could not have asked for a better time with Carol and Linda, they were so much fun! After Linda got home she wrote a short paragraph on a newsletter down here called the Punta Banda Bulletin. I could not have done a better job. Linda should have been a writer! What a great time, and experience all of us had! Please read her story. These two women are amazing down here!                                                                                                                        Trail rides 044

Today two elderly women (sorry, folks, that what we’re classified as these days, tercera edad, seniors, golden years — hah, that’s a joke!) anyway, two elderly women decided that they’d go on an adventure.  They went horseback riding up a trail in northern Ensenada with Crystal, owner/wrangler/trainer at Desert Trails.  The horse of the heavier of the two women was heard to complain that he did not sign on to tote around fat girls, but he got over it and plodded along with only an occasional snort of derision.  Both of the horses were well behaved, save for the occasional snide remark, and both of the elderly women felt comfortable and at home immediately.  This was also because of Crystal, who accompanied us,er . . . them, and made us (them) feel relaxed and safe.  Neither of the elderly women had ridden in some years, particularly the chubbier one, so the element of safety and ease was particularly important. is the web-site of this wonderful experience.  Check it out, give them a call and go for a ride.  You can have a lesson for refreshment, you can do a trail ride, you can ride around in a field, whatever works.  The elderlies went on the trail because they are adventurous types and have more guts than brains, but, as it turned out, they did exactly what they should have done.
One of the elderlies had brought her young granddaughter to ride 4 times during a recent visit; the granddaughter was in heaven (she’s just the right age to fall in love with horses!) and couldn’t get enough.  Any place that caters to old farts and sweet young granddaughters is the place to be.
Saddle up!
Linda Sanders
P.S.  The other, slimmer elderly lady, Ms. Carol Main, was truly the braver of the two of us — she rode the horse who had a bit of a personality, but was never out of control. Ms. Main just hopped her skinny butt up on that horse and it was a done deed.  The other elderly lady needed a crane to mount up, but a ladder sufficed.  It is truly a fun experience and something that everyone should try.  These are NOT rental horses, these are spoiled beloved members of Crystal and husband Glen’s family and their behavior is a reflection of their happy lives.

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