Tour guide needed? La Bufadora, Trail riding, the city of Ensenada & much more!

We haven’t really done this, but a couple asked if we knew anyone who could take them and their well mannered 2 kids around Ensenada down town, show them La Bufadora, and go trail riding. We told them we didn’t mind doing this for them. They had never been to Ensenada before and took the cruise ship “Carnival Inspiration”. We met them in town at the “BIG” flag pole, and took them first to La Bufadora (the blow hole). There are only 4 of these blow holes known in the world. Ensenada is lucky to have one.

After the visiting La Bufadora, and traveling through Mandedero we found a place to eat called “Tacos Maru” standing room only but lucky we got there in time to find a seat! After Lunch we came back and they waited while we talked about Ensenada, and other topics, and saddled up the horses for our trail ride. It was a spectacular trail ride up in the mountains overlooking the Todos Santos islands. We had a clear view of the islands out there.

Trail ride with Tracy & Family 033We rode for a couple hours, almost able to enjoy the sunset overlooking the ocean in Ensenada. We later took them back to the “Zona Touristica” so they had a place where they could get on their cruise ship and finish their trip back to Las Vegas. It was a wonderful, fun filled day for all of us!

Tracy emailed me when she got home and said “Thanks so much for the great time & the pics after! After the cruise we had a bunch more travel but it was worth it & we’re home now.

Both kids have said the highlight of the trip was the ride! Bella just gave a speech on it (a “what did you go this summer” type speech). Both kids want chickens now! Let me know what kind of testimonial you need & I’ll get it to you! I’d be thrilled to send more business your way.”

It is such a joy to be able to take people out trail riding, show them around Ensenada, the harbor and anything else we could fit into our day. Bella their 10 year old daughter had never ridden a horse before in her life. She was a natural, and reminded me of me when I was a child. She asked me once how do you get the horse to go faster? “You just kiss to her” oh ok, she ran right past us, off into the sunset. She climbed all over our horses while we took pictures overlooking the bay. I will never forget the memories Tracy and her family left us. Thank you for that! It was for sure a ride to remember!

La Bufadora Blow hole in Ensenada

La Bufadora Blow hole in Ensenada


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