Tina Jo & Amor

Tina Jo and Dawn came out today from Maneadero with their horse Amor here to Ensenada. Amor is Reo’s mom. I will be beginning ground training and working my way up to riding Amor, to make her safe & fun to ride. . Amor has had some training, but we are not sure the extent. When Amor is comfortable with me, and training, I am going to work with Tina Jo and Amor together. I have always worked with the people and their horse and found it is very rewarding to both of them, when they learn from each other, and learn to ride in harmony. I am looking forward to working with both Tina Jo & her horse Amor here in Baja.

Tina Jo worked with Indio again today. She walked him around the property and then up and down the road. She learned some more safety precautions when working around a horse. Tina Jo is doing fantastic and moving along great. Kudos to Tina Jo for taking on her fears by the “saddle horn!!”

Today Dawn and I lead Tina Jo around up and down a few hills, down the road, and did a few circles here and there. By the end of the lesson Tina Jo was walking around without a lead and eventually rode around by herself with no one with her on Indio. Indio took great care of her while riding around Ensenada at our stables. Tina Jo is doing fantastic and moving fast in confidence in herself and horses. She’ll be out trail riding in no time!

Tina Jo on Indio

Tina Jo on Indio


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