Shopping fun with Jill, Jeff & Michelle

Copy (2) of IMG_8021Michelle, Jill & Jeff came out for a wonderful ride here in Ensenada. Michelle, was a little worried, even though she grew up around horses and knew a lot, she had fallen at work and damaged 7 disks in her back. She was able to ride up the mountain to see the breathtaking views of Todos Santos Island, El Sauzal, the shoreline and the bay.

After their ride they asked if I would accompany them downtown to do some shopping at the local shops with them. Of course I didn’t mind, as I hadn’t shopped there in 2 years myself. Boy have things changed. Beware, as the vendors  may try to take advantage of the tourist by Copy (2) of IMG_8027getting the highest $ amount for something. We always tell people, don’t be afraid to negotiate, they know they are not going to see you again, and are hoping to get as much as they can out of  you. For example, Jeff wanted to buy a leather cowboy hat, we all agreed it looked good on him. The seller said $140.00 U.S., I had no fear of saying that is too much! By the time they were done, Jeff had gotten him down to $20.00 U.S. for a leather cowboy hat made right here in Mexico!

Copy of IMG_8025Jill had told me while we were walking around that she was glad she scheduled a ride with us, if she had just gotten off the ship and went walking around, she said she would have been disappointed. Horseback riding was the highlight of the trip!

Thank you Jill, Jeff & Michelle for a wonderful time shopping with you guys. It was fun, we hope your back gets better and Copy (2) of IMG_8026was happy you could ride on one of our safe horses.


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