Pancho and Shine

Pancho and ShineWe met Shine recently on a trip to Punta Banda to find a swapmeet we had heard about. Shine had just purchased a 4 week old buckskin colt, but was looking for a horse that she could ride now. She came up to Ensenada to go trail riding with us, and we borrowed one of our good friend, Capitan’s, horses for the ride. Well, Shine fell in love with that little appaloosa named “Pancho.”

She came back a week later for a lesson on him and made an offer to the owner to purchase Pancho. Pancho is about 14.2 hands…between pony and horse sized. Definitely of strong appaloosa blood, he has all the markers of a well-bred Appaloosa: mottled skin on face, striped hooves, and white sclera in the eyes. He’s got a beautiful blanket over red roan, with dark legs.

Pancho needs a bit of training – he is resistant to ‘going’, and sometimes just goes along really pokey. He’s a tad herd-bound, and just in need of some real training. Overall, a very sweet, kind, careful horse, he is going to be a great companion and ride for Shine.Pancho getting saddled up

I will be working with Pancho, and with Pancho and Shine together to work out any bugs and make them both happy and comfortable in their riding partnership.

“I can’t WAIT to ride him on the 5 mile long beach in Punta Banda, and up in the mountains with a view overlooking the entire bay. I hope he and I will be fast friends soon.” ~Shine


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