Not all about horseback riding

Looking for a non tourist way of traveling. Something more laid back. not in a hurry? You have come to the right place. Something a little less expensive?

Whether you are here for the day on a cruise or the weekend, we have something for the whole family. We are not only about horseback riding. We offer trips to La Canadas for your fun. A choice to ride in the back of a pickup truck through the streets of Ensenada. A great fun way to get around and experience the everyday life of the local people down here.

If you want just a trip to Las Canadas or to go horseback riding and Las Canadas you have reached the right place. We can do both for you!!

Las Canadas is also known as the Zip lining tour. It is a lot of fun and well worth your buck. We offer to be your personal guide  out the the zip line, get to see sights and stop by different places on the way, if requested.   This is also known as the canopy tour. Tour takes about 2.5-3 hours. Driving time included. please keep in mind this is their prices not ours, we just offer to take you there and back. Without the feeling of having to be rushed.

Stop and have lunch on the way there at some of the best local taco stands, a place where they make their own cheeses.




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