Missionaries from Punta Banda come to Ensenada for a trail ride!

Heidi and Mike live out in Punta Banda and had their nephew in town from Idaho for awhile. They do mission work out in Maneadero and help out women and children in need down here. They work with their church to get donations for their needs. Their nephew Logan was a little nervous as he hasn’t ridden a horse before. We gave them the option of riding double, which they accepted. On the way up Heidi told me Logan had a death grip on her from hanging on so tight. She laughed, and on the way back he had loosened his grip, was looking around and had a great time. It was a new experience for a city boy being down here in Ensenada in a whole different world, going horseback riding with the views above the ocean. If you have never ridden before or have experience riding, we have horses for all levels. If you have children and would like to ride double we also offer that, where a lot of other horse riding people don’t.  See you up in the clouds!


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