Looking for more ways to relax while visiting Ensenada?

Some of my riders mentioned being excited to get great massage after, and some others were asking about recommendations, so I checked out Ensenada Massage where Jesse is the owner.  I went to see their spa and was pretty impressed.  It’s facilities are well above the standard here in Ensenada with even a cool water fountain in the lobby.
If you are coming off of Princess Cruise, Carnival, Disney or Holland cruise lines and are looking for a great way to relax without the added extra cost. Come check us out for great tours for Horseback riding on the beach, and in the mountains, Las Canadas tours, La Bufadora. Offering package deals, and discounts for tours of groups of 4 or more.
I haven’t received a massage yet (got to make time for my aching body and relax my brain!), but  my groups have been totally happy, which makes sense since they are #1 on Trip Advisor like us.  It works great since I can drop you off there after the ride at 2 or 3, and he will get you back to the ship.
Turns out Jesse’s Dad is a horse trainer  in Southern Wisconsin with a herd of 8, so he likes horse people and offered a sweet discount to our couples and groups; he is including hot stone upgrades for FREE for couples and groups coming after a ride with us.  And their packages are about 1/2 of   the cruise ship.
I highly recommend this a way to end a great day of riding! His team can handle groups of 6.

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