Looking for horses in Ensenada Mexico

More horses @ Tina Joe's Promise Ranch in Punta Banda

More horses @ Tina Joe’s Promise Ranch in Punta Banda

Did the segunda thing today, had a good day. Met up with some good friends of ours, Juan and Carolina who afterwards showed us the horse rescue ranch in Punta Banda called “Tina Joe’s Promise.”, http://cheftinajo.com/tinajospromise/chad-c-meek/ , you can also find them at: http://www.bajareport.com/2012_10_01_archive.html.  From what we saw these horses were recovering and we were happy to see that.

Afterwards we stopped by Lienza Charo here in Ensenada Baja CA. They run a horse boarding facility and horse training. They hold different events throughout the year.  We looked at mixed breed of Andaulusains that the owner had for sale, (he is also a vet). Apparently there are four (4) mixed breeds: A,B,C,D. D is the first cross between Andaulusains and American Quarter horse.  When the off spring mix is bred to another Quarter horse, it becomes a C, and so on.  We never got to ask why they bred out the Andaulusains in favor of the Quarter horse. Beautiful horses, some with blue eyes, stately features and most were very friendly.  We traded business cards, and promised to stay in contact.

Lienza Charo is perhaps the most organized and well maintained with Stadium/arena that we know of in the Ensenada area.  We’ll be stopping in with Lienza Charo periodically to see what horses they may have available.

If you are thinking about trying to gain confidence riding a horse, bring your significant other with you and I will show you the keys to rider confidence.  You then can move up to trail riding here in Ensenada Mexico above the Pacific Ocean up in the mountains.

Recovering horses at Tina Joe's Promise Ranch.

Recovering horses at Tina Joe’s Promise Ranch.


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