“Indio” Our new horse we added to our riding stables in Ensenada

First time riding Indio

First time riding Indio

Here in Ensenada Baja CA bargaining goes a long ways. We just traded our 96 F150 Ford 5 speed for Indio, a 12 yr. old Pinto gelding, 17 bales of hay, and $650.00 cash. He is very docile and well saddle broke. He is our tallest horse at our stables down here in Mexico so far.  Indio is a horse that has been there done that, and is going to make a wonderful trail riding horse. We plan on taking him up into the mountains overlooking Ensenada bay in the next day or 2. We’re confident he will do just fine.Indio 013

We plan on putting him on our worming schedule with our horses. Down here in Mexico, Baja CA the local people don’t worry too much about things like that, because they usually don’t have the money. Indio came to us a little bit underweight, and we are currently working on fattening him up.  Once he is wormed we know he’ll put on the weight in no time. He is currently eating all he wants, and making friends with our other 2 horses, Karinnah and Cherokee.


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