Horseback riding Lessons in Ensenada Baja Mexico

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Rachel on Karinnah learning how to trot and slow down

Tina Jo on Indio. She hasn't been on a horse in 7 months

Tina Jo on Indio. She hasn’t been on a horse in 7 months

Today we had a visit from Dawn and Tina Jo from , in Maneadero, they came out to Ensenada to just be around the horses. Tina Jo hadn’t been on a horse since January 1st of this year. She had an accident where another horse didn’t get along with the herd mates, and she was kicked. She told us today she hadn’t even been down to see their horses since that day. Today she sat on Indio, we walked her around on a lead line, and when she was ready we had her on a lunge line, so she felt comfortable. She relaxed to the point where she could trot on a horse for the first time in 7 months. She is going to come back tomorrow, and will be bringing her horse Amor from Punta Banda. I am going to start working with Amor to get her used to be trained on both sides, and help Tina Jo feel more comfortable around her. It was a very emotional experience for everyone. Tina Jo got over a lot of fears in a shorter time than then what everyone expected.

Rachel also came out for a 2nd lesson today. She was all excited, and remembers most of what she learned the time before. She wanted to get on and go! She is a natural at horsemanship. Today she practiced on a lunge line trotting and making the horse go, and most importantly stopping. She reminded me of me when I was her age, riding around on Karinnah. We need to work on our reining, and keeping the reins down until asking to turn or stop. Rachel is a fast learner, and Karinnah just took everything. Tomorrow she will be coming out for a lesson and trail ride afterwards. She is really excited about it.

Come out and enjoy for a lesson, and enjoy a trail ride afterwards.  We’ll build up your confidence at your speed.




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