Horse Training

Ride with Donna 016

Karinnah on a trail ride who just recently turned 21 years old.

We are open year around & 7 days a week for the following:

Since the age of 9, Chrystal has watched over her own horse (horses as time would prove) feeding, watering, learning their subtle signals to her, learning what they could not say. Training, riding, and nurturing them back to health when needed, she educated herself over 2 decades after witnessing the miracle of birth of her mare, Karinnah, whom she is still riding.

We rely on natural horsemanship principles and work toward creating a quality relationship between horse and owner with excellent communication and understanding.

Horse training is available for all ages of horses and their owners.

All horses receive a solid foundation of important groundwork before being introduced to the saddle, or rider.
Horses will start out with ground training, and key words so they understand commands, from the ground, and in the saddle. Horses will be exposed to cars, dogs, loud noises, water, trailering, lots of trail riding, trees, etc. Horses will have a wide range of experiences.

Bad habits? We can fix those, and show you how to communicate with your horse, so each of you understand each other better.

We work with you and your horse together for a better partnership.


  • Photo/video of horse being trained saved on a disk for $8.00
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