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IMG_3233 (Copy)Hello and good morning to all my fellow horse and animal lovers,

Glenn and I hope you’re not only doing well, but that you’re FABULOUS! Everything is wonderful down here with Desert Trails, in fact we’re EXPANDING! So we decided it was time to write you a quick note to tell you we’ve been up to.

We’re currently in the process of building a house and moving to another location! A total of 6.5 acres for us and our beloved animals is what awaits you and your next adventure to Mexico! There will be plenty of shade, a barn, a garden and lots of room to run and play with different activities!
Our expected move date is the first of December; the new location is just 30 minutes from port and the drive is incredibly beautiful and IMG_3256 (Copy)relaxing.
Our trail rides will now include breathtaking mountain and ocean views. Along with a cleaner, less dusty experience, you’ll also have the joy of riding in some of the most beautiful mountainside I’ve yet to experience. And of course, you’ll have complete access to our fabulous animals to love on all day long.
Glenn and I are also going to open a small B&B, in hopes that you may want to stay for a night or two, go horseback riding exploring the mountain side, take in the majestic views and enjoy a mini vacation in our new amazing location. We’ll also have a campground area to enjoy, if you’d like to take in the great outdoors, you now can!

We will be setting up and volunteering with disadvantaged children in our area. It has been a lifelong dream of ours to help those who are less fortunate than us, if this is something that interests you as well, you can now participate in this rewarding experience.

Something that Glenn and I are most thankful for is our ability to help others and that always extends to the animal world as well.
With the expansion of Desert Trails, come the expansion of our herd and the rescue of several horses that have been abused or sold for meat. These amazing animals will now be a part of our beloved IMG_3283 (Copy)family; we can hardly wait to introduce you to them!

As you can read there has been a lot going on and I feel truly blessed to finally be in the health I’m in, to fully participate in my life! You may or may not be aware, but for years I’ve suffered with chronic pain and a debilitating illness. I’ve been overweight, sick and really tired for years! But, I’m thrilled to report that I’m looking great, have the energy I did in my 20’s, I’m down 25 lbs. AND I have NO PAIN anywhere! I feel it’s a true miracle and I owe it all to an organic cleanse! How crazy wonderful is that! If you’d like more information on what I did, just drop me a line and I’d be happy to share it with you.

On a final note, our website is also getting a makeover! It will now be super easy for you to book your rides, tours, food items, get our updates and see all the new happening at Desert Trails.

Glenn and I are looking forward to seeing you soon and showing you around our new surroundings. Please, keep in touch with us on facebook, twitter and pintrest! We post lots of fabulous photos and we’ll be keeping you posted on all our happenings!

Much love to you,
Chrystal and Glenn Co-Owners of Desert Trails      IMG_3253 (Copy)


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