Had a great time looking at horses out by Punta Banda

Chrystal of Desert trails giving the horse a kiss.

Today while we were out visiting friends in the Maneadero Baja CA area, we decided to go and talk with some of the cowboys who have horses for sale. We found a couple nice potential ones closer to Cantu. One was a gorgeous little mare with blue roan coloring, and white on her forehead. Unfortunately this beautiful horse was just to young for us. She was about 1 1/2 years old. We don’t like to start riding our horses until they are at least 2.5-3 years old. 

After we went to look at the blue/roan mare, we left to go look at our friend Roberto’s horse, who was closer to Punta Banda, (the blow hole, here in Ensenada). He has a young 2 year old Buckskin stallion. Walking up to this horse you would have thought it was a gelding. He was so docile, and a unique color for a buckskin. We are considering him to join our herd, but would like to look around some more before making any decisions.  The Buckskin horse has not been started under saddle, and will need a lot of training before he will be safe for lessons, or trail riding.

Our good friend Shine petting the Buckskin Stallion

Our good friend Shine petting the Buckskin Stallion

We  also have a friend in Mexicalli Mexico who has a herd of horses for sale. We are going to contact him and go out there and take a look at his horses. He has all kinds, colors, ages. We will be taking the more Southern route this time through San Felipe instead of the Northern route through  La Rumorosa Mexico.  We are hoping between friends of ours we will find the horses we need to join our trail riding up in the mountains of Baja CA overlooking the coast. 


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