Erica & Michael a pleasure meeting you!

IMG_8447Erica and Michael came out for a ride while visiting Ensenada from a cruise. Erica had ridden before, but this was Michael’s first ride. They liked the idea of us going out in a small group, just the 2 of them and us! Erica didn’t like the idea of riding in a large group, feeling detached and being spread out so you couldn’t talk with someone. She chose to go with IMG_8435Desert Trails so that Michael could have the experience and get comfortable. Both of which happened. He was a pro on his first ride, even venturing to trot a little on Reo while up on the trail. It was a nice quiet late afternoon ride. The experience was one to remember for them both. I am so glad we could help make a first ride a great experience to you Michael. Thank you Erica for choosing to come to us. We had a wonderful time.


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