Chestley, Chrystal and Jerry drive down for a visit

IMG_7672Chestley and his friends Jerry and Chrystal decided to come to Ensenada for a  fun filled vacation! Jerry & his wife were visiting from Maryland. They met up with Chestley who lives in San Diego on a house boat. They decided to drive down to Ensenada for some fun filled adventures. They had no plans whatsoever, they were just doing whatever came to mind. They found us on the internet and decided to see if we could fit them in for a last minute ride. Since we didn’t have any rides scheduledIMG_7642 for that day, they had the time for when they wanted to come. I had given them the choice of  waiting for me to saddle up horses and coming later. They decided to come early and help saddle. A new experience of brushing and choosing the horse they wanted. We went out on a wonderful trail ride. Afterwards we gave them directions to a little restaurant in town and off they went to another adventure, hopefully they found the San Carlos Hot springs that are just wonderful after a fun ride. I know we’ll see IMG_7641you guys  again! Thank you for keeping in touch friends!


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