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La Bufadora & Las Canadas

Want an adventure that is fun for the whole family? If you are taking a Carnival or Princess cruise to Ensenada and want to do something different. Something that give you a none touristy experience. Maybe you don’t want to go horseback riding but want to do something else… No problem. We have different options for you! La Bufadora, also known as the Blow hole. If you want a fun filled tour without the feeling of being rushed, at a fraction of the cost of the taxi’s tour buses… then you have come to the right place.

We offer to be your personal tour guide, help you negotiate with the locals, find the best deals.


Las Canadas, also known as the zipline tour. We offer to take you there, wait for you and take you back to downtown, on another tour, or back to your cruise ship. Get to see the sights, and experience a whole new adventure. 

A way to have a tour without being a real tourist…. it’s like traveling with family down here….


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