Can anyone make a donation to Tina Jo’s promise to help these wonderful animals and people?

We have worked with Tina Jo and Dawn in taking some of their horses for our trail riding stables. When they started rescuing horses and animals they just jumped right in, no paddles! They wanted to help, but didn’t have a way out to find homes for these beloved animals. They have some animals that will be there forever. The ones that are well enough to find homes they do, but it is an overwhelming chore to find a loving home and someone who can afford these magnificent animals.  We have taken 1 horse in, and are thinking of taking another one. Tina Jo and Dawn have done miracle work and we have seen the results first hand. If anyone can help donate to help them, it would be greatly appreciated. Without Tina Jo and Dawn there would be many animals suffering. They have done so much! Please contact them to make a donation. Thank you for reading, and we will keep you informed on how things go. We will continue working with them, as our business continues to grow. Together we can make a difference.

Well, we know that many of you out there have been very generous with our local dog and cat rescues, so we don’t often ask for donations.  However, these past few days have been a bit overwhelming at Tina Jo’s Promise Horse (and Dog) Rescue, so now we have to plea for your help.  We have had four emergency situations in the past 3 days.

First, a young dog came to us with a very bad case of Ehrlichia (the tick-borne disease) – he is very anemic and has some liver damage.  We are caring for him after his diagnosis and critical care by Dr. Pena and staff.  Then, yesterday, Tina Jo and I took 2 dogs in for emergency care – we found them at a nearby ranch when we went to find a saddle repairman.  One young male stood there with the lower half of his leg dangling in the breeze.  His foreleg bone had been completely severed by a bite from a Pit Bull a few days earlier.  The family did not have the money for veterinary care so they were going to have to see if he made it.  Another elderly female dog had been injured many years ago by a car and had limited mobility most of her life – what we noticed more than that injury was a large tumor emerging from her vulva.  This is typical of a venereal disease in female dogs in this area.  The family allowed us to take both dogs in for emergency care – the female was very weak and anemic, the vet stated that it would be best to put her down.  That is also what the family had requested.  The male was a good candidate for an amputation of his foreleg – he is undergoing treatment of the exposed bone for infection and cleaning of the site.  He will probably undergo the amputation on Monday and then, once he is stable enough to go home, will return to his family for his aftercare and rehabilitation.  This dog’s love and devotion to his family was clearly evident and there was no way Tina Jo and I were going to end his life if he could be saved.

The fourth emergency came to us today in the form of two men asking if we were the horse rescue.  Tina Jo, Nathaniel and I followed them to their home to find a gorgeous Albino stallion with a tumor the size of a billiard ball covering his left eye.  Again, the family did not have the money for the surgery but had contacted our horse vet, Orfil Gonzalez, to see if it was possible to remove the tumor.  Dr. Gonzalez had said it was and, after we contacted him this afternoon, stated that he will inoculate him against tetanus tomorrow and will begin to prepare for the surgery.  The family are clearly wonderful horse owners and really love this horse, but could not afford the expense of the surgery.  We offered to help in order to ease this beautiful animal’s suffering.

The vet bills for the amputation and ocular surgery will come to almost $1000, more than depleting our reserves for Tina Jo’s Promise.  We understand that money is tight, but any and all donations will help.  In addition, any forwarding to friends and family who are animal lovers would help immensely.

Donations can be made via PayPal at or by cash or check to Tina Jo’s Promise and dropped off at our house at 14B Fisher Camp.  If you have any questions, you can contact me via email ( or phone (044-646-194-2288).

We’ve taken photos but, in all honesty, they were too horrific to display.  We’ll gladly post the ‘after’ photos.

Thanks so much for listening.

Take care,

Dawn, Tina Jo and Nathaniel   
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