Another Wonderful Trail ride in the Mountains of Ensenada


Come join us for a great time, and spectacular views of the bay!

We had a wonderful trail ride with our good friend Shine up in the mountains over looking the bay of Ensenada. While riding up in the hills, we got to see the sailboats, and see some beautiful cactus flowers in bloom. It was a perfect sunny day for our 2.5 hour ride on horseback in the back country of Baja California.

We did a little exploring on horseback of the many trails going up and down through the mountains overlooking Ensenada. We found a great trail that had an amazing view of the bay and followed that all the way down to the main highway leading in and out of Ensenada.

If you are ever in town for the Baja 500 or 1000 race,  Carnival, Rosartio to Ensenada bike race, Newport to Ensenada yacht race, or whatever, and want a little change of scenery, be sure to come for a trail ride with Desert Trails!


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