An unusual request fulfilled!

IMG_5663 IMG_5624June had messaged us about a month prior to her son Derek & his 4 friends coming to Ensenada on a cruise. At first she thought they may want to go horseback riding, then after some time and discussion the boys decided they didn’t want to go horseback riding after all and wondered if they could hire us to take them to Las Canadas so they could go zip lining.

After that, they either wanted to go to La Bufadora or the local beach for some fun. They opted IMG_5732for the beach after we stopped by for some local fish tacos.

They got all this and got to experience something that no one else gets to experience while visiting Ensenada for a lot less then the local taxis drivers charge to take you to Las canadas, 50.00 per person.

If you don’t want to go horseback riding but would rather have a personal tour, feel free to IMG_5759contact us. Maybe you want both! Either way we might be able to help you! Space is limited, so book soon!




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