Adding to our stables in Ensenada Baja CA

We saw a few more horses at Lorenzo Charro, [ a stable/arena/stadium here in Ensenada Baja CA], One was a 2 year old gelding. Perfect age for ground work, and getting ready for a saddle. He was as cute as ever, but very short. A little to short for our riding stables we thought. He had such a sweet demeanor  we thought we might use him for children if the present owner could not afford to keep him and the price was within our budget.  We like to try and keep our horses at certain heights to appeal to most of the people down here in Ensenada. We will continue looking here in Ojos negros, LA Bufodora, and the surrounding areas to find our perfect horse for trail riding down here in Mexico over looking the bay of Ensenada. We’ll  See!!!   Blessings to ALL!!!


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