A stall for mama Karinnah & Secreto

DSCF1380Expecting a baby takes a lot of work and patience. It also takes the right facilities to make sure your little one is secure and has a place to rest.

Here in Baja we don’t get much rain, but a lot of sun and sometimes that coast wind.

We decided to put up a shelter, that is very temporaryDSCF1383 as we plan on moving. It is a little smaller than we anticipated but will work for our small girl and her little one.  with a bed of shavings and a cover from the sun and wind.

Slapped together just about literally mama Karinnah seems to be happy with her new house.

We are still waiting for the little one, but all in good time. As we didn’t know she was pregnant until we saw the baby kicking, a little over a month ago now. we don’t know when she was DSCF1375bred. Surprise!


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