A new arrival on the way!

IMG_0359 (Copy) IMG_1371 (Copy)Karinnah our 21 year old mare, that I have had since I was 10 is pregnant with her 2nd foal. We just found out, all this time we thought she was just well fed.

We are currently building a shelter for her and the baby. We got milk supplements also. Our vet Dr. Orfil came out and confirmed she has 2-3 weeks before she foals. He said Karinnah should be fine, but he is a little worried with her age she won’t produce enough milk.

IMG_0476 (Copy)We have decided to name the little foal “Secreto” (pronounced “Se cret o”) which means “Secret in Spanish” Since she kept it a secret all the way until now. It happened by mistake that I had seen the foal kicking just a few days before the vet came out to confirm that she is in position and getting ready.

We will be posting updates as things move along for Karinnah and her little one!



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