A new addition to our family; “Janova”

New member of the family  "Janova" and our partner Liz

New member of the family
“Janova” and our partner Liz

A VERY SPECIAL ‘ thank you’  goes out again to our wonderful friends Dawn and Tina Jo owners of ” Tina Jo’s Promise” here in Punta Banda (http://tinajospromise.org/ ) for giving our friend her very own first baby horse and adding a new member to our 4 legged family.

We met Liz back about a month 1/2 ago. We all became instant friends. She was interested in horses and learning. We needed someone to help us while we went up to WA for our daughter’s graduation from Eastern WA University. It was perfect….. Liz speaks fluent Spanish and English. She took up horseback riding, saddling and taking people out on an adventure with the snap of a finger.

We work very closely with our friends Dawn and Tina Jo. We had mentioned how wonderful Liz is with the horses and that she mentioned she thought about getting a little baby but wanted time to think about it.

A couple days later Dawn calls us up and says: ” I talked with Tina Jo” and we met Liz and we know she is wonderful and we know you will help her, and we want to give Liz  our little filly “Grayson,” talk to her, let her think about it, and let us know what you think.

Grayson’s mom is a rescue, sweet girl, her mom was so malnourished when they got her that Grayson was born with twisted legs and a twisted nose. Now she can walk straight and play just like the other horses do. Her nose is almost completely straight now also. ( We have decided to rename Grayson,  Janova: which means full of high inspirations along with so much more!)

It was a YES right away, going on a blind date with a horse. There wasn’t a second thought about her. We went out and met her the other day and will hopefully be bringing her home to join us real soon!

We are so excited to be part of Liz’s life with her new little girl to learn from each other. They have so many lessons they can teach it is unbelievable. We will be adding updates to our site for this wonderful horse. Please wish them well!


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