The Janew family & friends

IMG_7314Lana and her family, Simon, Simone, Anastaia, Valerie, Deidre and Devin,  came out for a trail ride. Simone loves horses and the other siblings have IMG_7280followed in her footsteps. Simone fell in love with our horse “Reo” before she ever met him. She wants to grow up and be a vetenarian and work with horses, her love for animals and life will carry her far.

Lana’s family and her friend came out for a horseback ride that was a memorable time. Lana hadn’t ridden a horse in 20+ years, but by the end of the trip she was a pro. Her 2nd time riding, it just came naturally. We all hadn’t laughed so hard, and had the funnest time. The weather, the views of the ocean, bay and island were awesome. We have remained good IMG_7344friends and still talk to this day. We hope to see you all sometime this spring and wish all of you the best!


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