We were still able to ride after our wet weather!

IMG_7162One of the rare occasions when someone had to wait for us to saddle up horses, because it was raining early that morning, IMG_7157we weren’t sure it was going to let up. Love Cer (that is her name, “Love Cer” ) and her friends met us in town where their ship docked. Everybody was very understanding about us saddling up the horses late.  Good thing we had blankets on all the horses, when it rains they love to roll in the mud. We got everyone settled and ready for a great ride overlooking  Ensenada bay after a rain storm. Lucky for us we only had the clouds chasing us in the background. After a rain the air takes on an herbal scent that is so refreshing. It was a little bit chilly but we were dressed for it.  After the ride, we all came back here, got settled and had a wonderful bbq on the patio overlooking the harbor and the Pacific Ocean!IMG_7110


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