Horseback riding on the beach in Ensenada!

Always wanted to ride a horse on a sandy beach in the sun? You have come to the right place. Whether you would like to go galloping on the beach, splashing in the water, or going for a easy relaxed horseback ride in Ensenada. 

We have horses for all experiences and ages. Children are allowed to ride with an adult, or by themselves.

Offering  discounts for families of 4 or more when booking more than one tour. Tours including food items, Las Canadas, or La bufadora.

Prices are: 45$ for adults and children 13 and older.

Children 12 and younger 30$

Children 6 and younger can ride with an adult for 15$

Free personal port pickup and drop off when taking a Carnival or princess cruise.


Come out and meet our newest rescues

Come out and meet our new rescues. Estrella (meaning Star in English) was bought from the beach rides in Ensenada. When we got her, she was underweight and sick. So underweight we didn’t know she was pregnant and she had aborted the foal due to malnutrition.

Now, she is happy, alive and loves playing games on the trail and out in pasture.


La India, is our newest, about an 8  month old filly. underweight, and again not fed properly. She came to us just a week ago. Already doing better, and putting on more weight, sweet little girl who is gaining more energy by the day. 



Compare our prices to Carnival or Princess cruise lines

From what customers have told us. Here is what you can expect from us, (this is what customers who have taken the cruise lines have mentioned). 

Our prices verses Carnival Cruise lines and Princess (who i do not believe offers as many tours) or Disney Cruise lines.

When booking a tour through us. We charge 30$ for 1-1.5 hours of horseback riding in the mountains.

Beach riding is 45$ for the 1-1.5 hour rides.

La Bufadora Tours is 75$ for your group of up to 4 people. For your group of 5-10 people is 90$ for 11 or more add 3.00$ a person.

This price is the same for Las Canadas for us.  Tours is 75$ for your group of up to 4 people. For your group of 5-10 people is 90$ for 11 or more add 3.00$ a person. (not including the ziplining cost)

From what people have told us, the boat charges 129$ a person for each of these tours per a person.

They also tell you, that tickets to Las Canadas are cheaper if booked in advance. This is false, there are usually no lines to wait to get into the camp, nor go zip lining. When you get there. Prices are from 22$-30$ roughly (this could change, with the exchange rate or if prices go up or down). If you book online i have been told tickets are 35$.

The other thing Carnival tells you is that you have to be a certain age to go zip lining. We have had people go as young as 8 years old.

Savings through us, verses going through the Carnival or another excursion company in Ensenada can add up to a huge amount.

Some examples below for Las Canadas (ziplining, or La bufadora and horseback ride on the beach:

1 person through Carnival 129$

2 people through Carnival 258$

3 people through Carnival 387$

4 people through Carnival 516$

Mountain rides are 80$+ dollars per a person for the boat:

Booking through Desert Trails: for up to 4 people 75$ for tours to Las Canadas or La bufadora. 90$ for 5-10 people. Children under 5 no charge. 11 or more people 3.00$ each.

Beach rides 45$ per a person adults 13 and older. Children 12 and younger 30$ 1-1.5 hours

Mountain Rides: 30$ for adults 13 and older. 12 and younger 20$ 1-1.5 hours.

Do the math and see how much you save!

Not only do you save going on a tour in Ensenada through us, but you will get the personal experience and attention dedicated to each and everyone’s needs.

Want to add a wine and cheese tour to the package? try some of our local wine and cheeses. 17.50$ for 1 person 1 sample of wine, local cheeses, fruit. or If you prefer to try more than 1 bottle of wine add or 25.00 for up to 3 wine samples.

A personal adventure you will not forget. If booking more than 1 tour for you and your family get 5% off package deals for up to 4 people. 10% off for up to 10 people or more.

Also offering discounts for all 3 tours combined up to 12% off.

Email us today for a personal pickup, tours, and package deals.





8 years old and younger welcome on our horseback rides!

If you are looking for something fun for the whole family, you have come to the right place. Here at Desert Trails in Ensenada we take special care of your needs and listen to your personal requests.

For an adventure the whole family can enjoy. All ages welcome. If you have someone who is 90 years old, or 3 months old, we can accommodate you and your family or friends.

Whether you want just a horseback riding tour or would like to add more than one tour, email us for discounts available for booking more than one excursion! Looking to fill your day with fun at La bufadora or Las Canadas, we can help!

We take pride in our work and personalize a tour especially just for you and your family. 


Beach & Mountain ride combined!

Are you looking for a little bit of everything combined? How about horseback riding on the beach and a mountain ride combined? Yes! a little bit of paradise in every direction! Coming to Ensenada by ship? We offer free port pickup!

Driving in? We send you step by step directions. You can also visit La bufadora or Las Canadas after your trail ride on the beach and finish with great mountain views of the city.

A beautiful drive, see the local farming areas. Even add a Cheese and wine from our local wineries and farms.

Just a short drive from San Diego, or if you are staying in Rosarito or Puerto Nuevo and want to visit Ensenada for the day!


Las Canadas, La Bufadora, Horseback riding, Wine route

What can you fit into a whole day? almost everything! Come check us out! In one day you can do a combination for less than 1/2 the price for your whole family than what you would pay through Carnival Cruise lines.

Have your choice of Las Canadas (also known as the Canopy tour (zipline)), La Bufadora, Wine Route, Horseback riding! all in one package! Include a lunch on top of the hill or on your way to one of the many places to see.

If you are coming to Ensenada via Carnival cruise, check us out for many of our options for tours that we offer. We speak English and offer to be a personal tour guide, help you shop, let you have a great time, without the pressure or rush.

Come out and enjoy something that is none touristy, A day of fun! Not into horses, that’s ok. we have many other options available for you to choose from.



La Bufadora & Las Canadas

Want an adventure that is fun for the whole family? If you are taking a Carnival or Princess cruise to Ensenada and want to do something different. Something that give you a none touristy experience. Maybe you don’t want to go horseback riding but want to do something else… No problem. We have different options for you! La Bufadora, also known as the Blow hole. If you want a fun filled tour without the feeling of being rushed, at a fraction of the cost of the taxi’s tour buses… then you have come to the right place.

We offer to be your personal tour guide, help you negotiate with the locals, find the best deals.


Las Canadas, also known as the zipline tour. We offer to take you there, wait for you and take you back to downtown, on another tour, or back to your cruise ship. Get to see the sights, and experience a whole new adventure. 

A way to have a tour without being a real tourist…. it’s like traveling with family down here….



La Bufadora, Horseback riding, the cows coming home.

If you are looking for some good family fun, we offer a wide variety of tours and fun in the sun. Not all about horseback riding. Don’t want to go riding, no problem. Check out our other tour options, do 1 or do them all. We offer tours to La Bufadora and Las Canadas. We offer tours, cheaper than the taxi’s, buses or uber.

If you are looking for something special, let us know, we might be able to help you. We will be adding so many more tours… Let us know what you are looking for. We are here to help be your personal tour guide at a fraction of the price.

Thank you to Nicole and her family for a wonderful day, Lots of fun, La Bufadora, Horseback riding in the rain, visiting the new baby… and literally the cows coming home…. jajajjaja…..

If you are looking for a none rushed vacation look us up. We are cheaper than the local taxis, uber and buses…. Fun for the whole family without the rush…..



Opal’s new baby

We have been quite busy with all the gorgeous weather we have had. We went on a trail ride and the next day Opal had this beautiful baby boy. Born March 20th around 630 in the morning. Stunning grey eyes.

Looking for something fun and safe for the whole family? Come out and meet our newest member. We will personally pick you up and take you out to the ranch or any other tour you request. We are with you the whole time for a fun filled experience.

Loving little baby so friendly, If you are taking a cruise through Carnival or another cruise line, make sure and look us up so you can come out for a trail ride and meet our newest addition to Desert Trails.


Come out and see the wild flowers

With all the rain we have had and the time of year, the flowers are blooming everywhere. We had an amazing ride through the hills of Ensenada. So full of life and colors. Spring is here!!!

Whether you only have the day on a cruise or are staying for the weekend. Come out and join us for a mountain ride over looking our beautiful cities of Ensenada, El Sazul, Todo Santos island.

We have the perfect package for you, from horseback riding, picnicking up in the hills, zip lining, La Bufadora.

Even little Regalo wanted to come with us for this ride, while mom stayed at the ranch.